Gongs, Long Hair and Chewing Gums

Remember Singapore

What do gongs, long hair and chewing gums have in common?

They were all part of a list of items that were either permanently banned or disallowed in public for a period of time in Singapore. Some banned items contained dangerous elements, while others were associated with excessive contents of sex and violence that challenged the society’s moral standards. Banning of certain publications was common. For example, a Hong Kong comic, popular among Singapore students who would spend their pocket money to buy at the roadside stalls, was banned in 1966 due to its undesirable storyline filled with violence, gangsterism and fantasy.

So other than drugs and gambling, what had been banned in Singapore since the sixties?

Playboy Magazines

As part of the “anti-yellow” drive at the start of 1960, the Playboy magazine and its Playmate calender was officially banned in Singapore. Costing $2.10 per copy, the monthly magazine from Chicago…

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For the Intestinally Challenged Runner

Not a Day Over 45


There are those days which runners inevitably face. Hot days, humid days, tired days, hormonal days, rainy days with puddles, Mondays, days your knees hate you, days when your bladder won’t shut up, and days which you lack intestinal fortitude.

For this runner, today was all of those days.

If you are reading this and are the kind of person who shies away from knowing way too much about the writer, then stop reading now. For that matter, leave my blog and never return. I might have a problem with boundaries. Fair warning.

I pride myself on being a resilient person, one who has faced many obstacles and has overcome them. I believe I am a strong woman. I have biceps, for Christssake. I do not, however, have an impenetrable strength of bowel.

I have discussed this issue with medical professionals. And my husband. And my sisters. And the girls…

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Processed Magic: the Vague Art of Picture-Book Making

mike curato

processMy friends and family must wonder what I do all day. Sometimes I worry that they’re sick and tired of my only update being “I’m working on the book. The deadline is end of April.” I’m sure some of them have mental images of me waking up in the morning to a big yawn, hopping into my bunny slippers, eating a muffin (aka breakfast cupcake), brushing my teeth, then sitting at my drafting table and whistling while I work all the live long day. How cute! I wish my life could be like this. I know that I am blessed to have a career doing what I love and working from home, but I wouldn’t say it’s been that easy.

Last night, when I was on the edge of tears after a disastrous affair involving perspective, ice skaters, and historic costumes, I shrank away from my studio and sat across…

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“Guitar Lessons”

the drew moody


I come from a family of musicians. On my mother’s side, anyway—the members of my father’s side of the family have trouble enough playing the radio, let alone any musical instruments. My mother and aunt dabbled with the piano when they were young; their mother has been playing jazz and boogie woogie piano semi-professionally for years; her younger brother played blues guitar; their youngest brother plays the blues on the mighty Hammond B-3 professionally; and their father, my great-grandfather, Pa, played bluegrass and skiffle on the banjo almost his entire life. These years of musicianship were passed down through the generations and have landed with me—an acoustic guitarist by trade. It’s my hope to continue passing down my family’s ear for music to my children, should that day ever come.

I first picked up the guitar when I was eleven. Just like everyone else who picked up the guitar for…

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Opposition Set to Win India Election, Exit Polls Say


Exit polls indicate that an alliance led by the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) looks set to win the national elections in India, as voting drew to a close Monday.

A poll by C-Voter, a research group, indicated the BJP and its allies could win 289 seats in Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of parliament, giving the coalition the majority needed to oust the incumbent Congress Party and form the nation’s next government. A poll by ABP-Nielsen predicted the BJP-led coalition would secure 281 seats, according to Reuters.

If the exit polls prove to be correct—which is no guarantee—they would put BJP leader Narendra Modi in pole position to become the next prime minister of India.

The final phase of India’s five-week election ended on Monday at 6pm IST, with a crucial vote taking place in Varanasi where Modi and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal went head to…

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A black girl who is giving a story

I’m a black girl, i’m 18 years old born in panama. since i was small my dad show me how a car works, love wrestling and explore the world trough my eyes. i did that everyday coming to listen too metal bands and classical music. about love? he told me that it doesn’t matter the color or culture it matters the heart of that person. but should i still believe now how black ladies are treated outside ? to be honest i’m scared of that. I love men in general no judging and no matter what history says about every one of them. But with the years bad influences and the matter of beauty got me down but i stand strong!!!…..arrrrsh back to the topic. As i grew up i learned and see everything from sports to the best books, between it? Art and photography… OK and too much things you just have to see my pinterest…that’s the object of this blog…Lol i don’t have time but i just need to show you that every girl has two side personality but one world.

From thaisha
PS: believe it…see you soon