A black girl who is giving a story

I’m a black girl, i’m 18 years old born in panama. since i was small my dad show me how a car works, love wrestling and explore the world trough my eyes. i did that everyday coming to listen too metal bands and classical music. about love? he told me that it doesn’t matter the color or culture it matters the heart of that person. but should i still believe now how black ladies are treated outside ? to be honest i’m scared of that. I love men in general no judging and no matter what history says about every one of them. But with the years bad influences and the matter of beauty got me down but i stand strong!!!…..arrrrsh back to the topic. As i grew up i learned and see everything from sports to the best books, between it? Art and photography… OK and too much things you just have to see my pinterest…that’s the object of this blog…Lol i don’t have time but i just need to show you that every girl has two side personality but one world.

From thaisha
PS: believe it…see you soon


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